I will dance at your party and at your house


Time to take a look

Let me into your home - into your routine.

You have plenty of snapshots of your kids - your family - looking at the camera.  You will remember those moments forever...at grandma's house, the beach, the Padres game... Those pics will go up on your fridge and live in picture frames on your piano.  They are memories... but are they always YOU?

You are "YOU" best...with your family... at home

What if I came to your home Saturday morning?

Would you all be running around?

Dad making pancakes.

Mom starting the laundry while simultaneously catching up on a novel she's been trying to finish for 3 months now.

The kids playing Minecraft and cutting paper and playing tetherball and running around with the dog...or maybe helping dad or mom or reading or playing violin or getting dressed for soccer?




I will see all of that...and more

I will see your relationships.

I will see your LOVE.

I will see Y O U R  F A M I L Y!!

Life doesn't happen in matching outfits

It's totally ok - go get those pictures where you're all sitting still, looking at the camera, dressed beautifully in a field. 

But take time to document your REAL family too...that includes YOU in the photos.

I will be your Family Documentarian. You will never look back...

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Photo by Pri Gragg - Thanks, Pri !!! xo (Notice my hair is not perfect...I'm reading a magazine and you can FEEL the love! THIS is REAL!)

Life doesn’t happen in matching outfits...usually.